April 23, 2010

Skeptics & Maclen, What Did
SkewerMistress Tell You????

Last night we said Nicole Kidman was not done with Just Go With It, even though Inept Team Maclen: Party Of One was stomping his feet and saying he was right. He's not.

Pictures today from rehearsal and filming have been released. Paparazzi have been camped out in Maui taking pics of the production ever since cast and crew made it to Hawaii. We'll take this opportunity right now to say the production has been working in the following manner: rehearsing on set and then filming scenes. So if the skeptics try to claim Nicole brought the paps with her, just tell them to take a look at the numerous shots of Aniston and Sandler rehearsing before Nicole got to Hawaii! BAHAHAHAHA!

Yes, that is singer Dave Matthews folks! Just as we reported, and Sandler stated several months ago, Kidman would be involved in scenes with Aniston and Matthews. Funny how that works! It looks like a fun set, with the director and stars clearly showing they are in good spirits. We hope this has been a great time for all.

Unfortunately STS has to get back to business and Skewer Some Skeptics

abc: speaking of 'plants' ... i watched a video where keith "gives" away his guitar to someone in the audience and it looked to me like it was "staged" as he insistently pointed to a guy to 'receive' it after which that person (who looked like a bouncer) walked away quickly from the spot

Why are you looking for Keith urban videos? In any case security is there when Keith goes into the crowds, like when he gives guitars away, dummy. Your last ANALysis of a video was pure fiction. This one is no different.

tara: I read how he planned the entire performance in rehearsal with that special surprise in it (the handing the camera to the fan) now it was all fake. Also anyone who was around for the 2005 tour knows Keith often would bring a camera out on stage and film the audience.
As for the amp thing- tsk tsk tsk Mr. Diva pants. He got redressed in the bankers suit and went back out to sit with Kidman so I don't think there were several attempts to get him to play. Why not borrow an amp from someone?

Thank you tara, taralea, flyin, hit n run for that summary of E! hater speak on Urban Myths. The "planned" story was all over the internet, including here. It was no secret. Of course it was planned!

maclen: .those very manly legs...which just hit me... reminds me alot of Tim Curry in Rocky Horror picture story! Contrast and compare...

Manly legs the world envies! Urban Myths is parroting E!, E! is parroting Urban Myths. Do you have any new ideas left?

abc:this pair "work" too hard at being "nice" which makes me suspicious. (As Nicole famously said: "what's the point of doing something good if no-one sees it")

Yes famously, in a movie! What is it that we also said about skeptics not knowing movies from real life? The quote from To Die For.

You've been skewered skeptics.

It's. Just. Too. Easy.


Anonymous said...

Tara is so dang desperate. Ha ha, the Urbans are a family unit!

What I first read abt. the perormance was they were talking to , thinking abt., how to do the camera thing. No where did it say it was Keith's idea. He was asking kind of like, how do you want this done.
And Mz. Tara fancy pants diva , many Keith fans have been around a very long time! Don't pretned you are one of them.!

As smart as she thinks she is, as much as she tries to tell everyone she knows Keith's every thought and word, SHE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT HIM REALLY! She is just a fan like anyone else.

Anonymous said...

"abc said...
very quiet over at NKU ... last time anyone commented on anything (in private) was the 19th ... never has there been a day gone by without SOME comment ... all quiet ... well, what is there to say, really; other than: "shame"

'tres embarrasmont' "

Once again, abc proved that she's All Bull Crap! All quiet since the 19th (in private)? Obviously, with the restricted access at NKU, abc thought she could just make up more lies and not be "caught". Nice try. NOT!

What a joke for abc to say 'tres embarrasmont' - pretending to be "educated", eh?

You are 'tres embarrassant', abc!! BAHAHAHAHA.

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