May 26, 2010

Can The E! Online Skeptics And
Urban Myths Handle This?

One more stone to add to the pile of ROCK SOLID TRUTH about Nicole Kidman and her family.

Is CMT host Katie Cook lying too, haters?

TheKatieCook: Just saw Nicole Kidman, Kimberly Williams Paisley, and Sheryl Crow hanging with their kids at the zoo. They need to quit stalking me:)


THANK_YOU said...

You can bet this won't even be mentioned on E, and if it is, it will be to say they were only out with Nicole because they like & respect Keith.

Not a thing they post anymore is taken seriously by anyone but themselves and their alter egos. They're pathetic losers, one & all.

THANK_YOU said...

The funny thing is, now that YOU'VE mentioned it SM, they will feel the need to comment! BAHAHAHA!

Unless Mimosa or nomore send out a PM to the other couple wackos and tell them to keep their traps shut!

Anonymous said...

So, skeptics, Katie Cook is also on Nicole's payroll to do that tweet?


Verity said...

I was thinking the same thing THANKYOU. 5 years and counting of saying kind words out of pity or respect. Shouldn't the skeptics be pissed off at the friends for still having respect since Nicole is a controlling manipulative bitch?

None of it makes sense.

SkewerMistress said...

That's quite a list of people willing to withstand such a force from the dark side!

The Paisleys, Bentleys, McGraws, Reba, Kenny, Vince, Miranda, The gang from Lady A, Sheryl Crow, LeAnn, on and on and on....

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that lying paid off bitch, Dolly Parton. Bahaha!

SkewerMistress said...

I almost forgot Brooks and Dunn too!

Anonymous said...

Just reading their crazy talk would make anyones head spin!
One days it such and such and the very next day it all changes and it another such and such .

THE PROBLEM IS EVERY OTHER DAY THEY CONTRADICT THEM SELVES! Like they forget what lie they said the day before!
Messed up crazy people.

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