May 3, 2010

Urban Myths Stooges abc & maclen: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

maclen: Could it be that the creator of the fansie site is hinting at the demise of it in the near future? Could the apparent disillusionment of kidman's pathetic career also be part of a cause for the end of it? Only time will tell...and the way things seem to be falling for all things "kidman concerned"...I wouldnt be at all surpised if it did.


abc: I am not at all surprised that NKU is probably going to close down ... all they have been doing of late is re-arranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic


abc: ... before the closure of the public's access to the commentary, (which I think could even have been an instruction from her new management)


abc: I was watching for a while how the members were discussing Nicole's career choices of late with alarm and disappointment ... especially her choice of a film about deception (currently filming)


abc: after her saying that she will only now take on a project if she absolutely believes in it, meaning something very meaningful or special to drag her away from her family (a film about deception and even worse, making fun of it?).


abc: And which also has kept her away from her husband's concerts ... that being after she said on Oprah that if he is touring or playing concerts, she will not choose to do a film at the same time.


abc: Well, she just did and was in Hawaii while he was doing his gigs, including one of the biggest of his career! Again, saying one thing, but doing just the opposite ... she needn't wonder why the public finally has seen through her illusion ...

Nope. It's Kidman saying one thing and YOU changing it! It's fans with different tastes having a CONVERSATION! It's you abc and maclen, blatantly and with wild abandon twisting everything to fit your agenda. Everyone including the Urban Myths readers know it. Whether they want to acknowledge it is entirely another story!


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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, they can't update their TRASH TALK. No more NKU to supply their "insider" talk.


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