May 3, 2010

Tragedy In Nashville

For those outside of Music City and the southeast United States, and that would be most of us, coverage of the massive flooding has been appallingly sparse. Our prayers, good thoughts, and good wishes go out to all people affected. As this blog concerns three residents of Nashville, the Urbans, it's appropriate we say we hope all is well and that your homes, property, belongings, and friends are all safe and sound. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's residence outside the city sits on a hill, so with that knowledge we hope that the worst is that the driveway is washed out.

Unfortunately with months worth of rain coming down in two days time and the Cumberland River overflowing, many landmarks have been affected. The Grand Ole Opry House, the Opryland Hotel, downtown Nashville and the world famous clubs are shut down and flooded out. So far 8 people have died in the Nashville area alone.

A few country music stars who regularly Twitter have shared their experiences and we hope anything they put out there will shed more light on this tragedy. It's not over and the media needs to pay attention.

Brad Paisley

# On the positive side everyone is safe. On the negative... I think all my road guitar gear, amps, effects, are under 3 ft of river.

Dierks Bentley

hate to cancel shows...might be a first. but nashville is a disaster. all of our houses are messed up.

Martina McBride

Home safe. Watching all the footage of the flood on tv. Surreal

Keith Urban's Twitter account has retweeted an important message

gactv Nashville & surrounding areas have been devastated by flooding. Donate to Red Cross Nashville -

Please if you can, donate to Red Cross Nashville


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