May 4, 2010

The Details On Nicole Kidman
And Just Go With It

The facts have finally come in concerning Nicole Kidman's role in the Adam Sandler comedy Just Go With It. And as always the skeptics and haters were completely wrong. Here's the lowdown.

Nicole plays Dave Matthews' wife.

As per casting details found online her character's name is Rae Ann Devlin.

Nicole is Jennifer Aniston's old rival and they all meet up in Hawaii.

The part involves days of filming and not a one-off shoot like Heidi Montag's true cameo.

The part is not a super secret cameo as Inept Team Maclen predicted.

The part does not involve plastic surgery talk re Nicole's character as Inept Team Maclen predicted.

The part does not involve prosthetics of any sort and is not a Tom Cruise copycat cameo as Inept Team Maclen predicted.

The part does involves scenes with Jennifer Aniston and one with Dan Patrick as Adam Sandler revealed months before shooting.

Entertainment Tonight covered the shoot and interviewed the stars. We know E! Online skeptic nomorefan loves to misquote and misrepresent ET, so here is the VIDEO. The piece is as run last night on the show. It really is a fun set with even the stars' children having a good time. Here are a couple more pics of Nicole in Hawaii.

We'd like to close by addressing something very sickening. It was to be expected but still....the coverage of the Nashville floods by Urban Myths. They are presenting it as something Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are to blame for or can fix or don't care about. That is simply wrong. Is it jealousy, knowing that when an emergency like this hits the Urbans have people to take of things back home? Probably. By now Keith Urban was supposed to be in residence at Branson but instead he was nominated for EoTY and got a special acheivement award from the Academy of Country Music. Nicole is in Hawaii working, debunking another lie spread by the skeptics that her career is over.

The bottom line is that this is history repeating itself. When Keith entered rehab Nicole was criticized for leaving the house and actually doing things! E! Online skeptics admitted in posts that they wish they could blame Nicole Kidman for the ills of the world. The mental stability of these people is definitely in question. Especially when comments accompanied by pornographic images are allowed. Urban Myths you should be ashamed.


Anonymous said...

"The mental stability of these people is definitely in question."
Oh, yeah! They are psychos!

What I think is funny is that they say Nic's career is over, but let's talk about the facts: she dropped out a role in Woody Allen's film; she dropped out the role that gave Kate Winslet the Oscar and it's pretty obvious that Nicole can choose to work with the best actors and directors she wants. So if she were that desperate, do you really think she would do all these? She can be in the movie she wants, whenever she wants. The thing is that now her priority is her family!
But, then again, if she was more worried with her career than Keith and Sunday, the haters would blame her, anyway. The thing is they're TOO JEALOUS of her, whatever she does.

SkewerMistress said...

Well said. I encourage everyone to watch the ET video. Everyone looks like they are having a ball. This film is film to look forward to!

Verity said...

Thanks SM! It's hard to sit down and watch that show because they dole out small snippets and make you sit through the whole thing. Maclen is so darn predictable these days. Actually when isn't he?! He's going to keep ignoring the truth.

What should we expect KUNK to do about the floods? Charter a private plane home and start sucking water through a straw into a bucket? MORONS! Don't some of the skeptics say Nicole doesn't really live in Nash? Why should she be concerned then? BAHAHAHAHA!

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