May 4, 2010

Keith Urban On The Flooding In Nashville

Keith Urban appeared on CNN today, from Nashville, to talk about the flooding that has affected so many in Tennessee. The show was Rick's List and although the host wanted to discuss Keith's wife and his good looks, the musician was ready to say what was in his heart. Unfortunately most of his equipment was stored along with Brad Paisley's and Vince Gill's in the same location so he is not sure what the extent of the personal damage is just yet. He was scheduled to start recording the new album this week, but with everything else up in the air, that is now too. As expected Keith and Nicole are assisting financially with the effort and Keith pointed out his loss should not be compared to those who have lost everything. The local radio stations are all about fundraising at this point and everyone is helping in every way they can. The country music community will be doing a benefit concert. Nashville helping Nashville.

As usual the skeptics have turned on Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman declaring they simply don't care and will be using the floods for PR.

Tara: Its very telling that while other Country stars are making statements and urging the fans to give to the Red Cross- the vacationer hasn't said a peep.

Sorry Tara but Keith's Twitter gave a link to donate two days ago. Where were you?

nomorefan: And I agree, the Kidmans will ride the PR train on this disaster. I wonder if they even have a clue what is happening?

Ridiculous! Spending your time talking about Dorf is really helping!

nomorefan: Ya know, while searching for some fun video to share with you. I'm seeing a similar hair color between Dorf's hair piece and Mr. Nicole Kidman's colored hair!

In the end nothing the couple does will be enough from the skeptics point of view. Then again they live in a fantasy world where KUNK's dirty money can magically fix everything for everyone if only they cared.

Stay tuned here for more of the truth.

Keith's interview with Rick Sanchez is now available HERE.

There's no better way to end this blog then to say if you can help those affected please do.

Donate to Red Cross Nashville -


If you are on Twitter, follow and they will donate 10 cents for every new follower through 05/07. Retweet and pass it along!


Anonymous said...

If Keith and Nic help, they criticize and if they don't, they also complain! hahaha The problem is not the lovely couple, it's the skeptic idiots!

SkewerMistress said...

It's when unfortunate events like this happen you can really see how vile, nasty and mean-spirited the skeptics really are.

Anonymous said...

Yes that true SM, don't think anyone reading their crap post can't see it too!

Let them hang themselves and let people get a GOOD LOOK at the hate they spew! They are their own worse enemies. The hate seeps out AND THE WORLD SEES IT LOUD AND CLEAR!

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