June 30, 2010

A Couple Of History Lessons
For Tara And The Skeptics

Urban Myths Tara also known as hit n run on E! is spinning another tall tale, trying to sell a myth that isn't worth the corn field she heard it in....

Tara: there were all these sightings of them all over the place
even in Conn and I know for a fact that Keith was in Nashville but thats how the myths got started..

No that's how Tara / hit n run starts a myth, miles away from Music City.

Here's the lowdown for those that don't know, or those that are in denial.

The sightings in Connecticut were real. They ate at a restaurant called La Luna in guess what skeptics...Connecticut.

Here's a translated quote from Pedro Brando, the Brazilian designer of the Urbans' wedding bands

"She saw a few jewels I made and invited me to call on her apartment. I went there and she suddenly ordered the rings. I was inspired by the moon and then after I made them, Keith told me their first date was in a restaurant called 'La Luna'. I was enchanted by her simplicity."

Oh and here's a photo of the couple with Brando

We'd wouldn't be surprised if one of Keith's logos seen here

and more recently here (Thanks rutkmi!)

was inspired by that date. Either way we'd bet on Kris Kristofferson over the corn fields every time!

Now, kudos to US Weekly. After Keith and Nicole's daughter was born the E! online skeptics tried to spin the many myths about the name, the naming, who named her, the lies go on and on. But the mag, who recently did a feature on celebrity baby names, actually got the story behind the name right. It's a miracle!

What's In A Name

Happy second birthday, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban!

Parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban stunned the world by choosing the unusual day name for their daughter, born July 7, 2008. Though Kidman's father suggested the name Sunday, inspired by Australian patron of the arts Sunday Reed, Kidman and Urban settled on the name because they love the day of the week.

"That's our favorite day because if you're happy and you've got your family and the things around you, then Sunday's a beautiful day," Kidman told Oprah Winfrey three months after the child's birth. "So our baby's called Sunday."

Will nomorefan ban the magazine like the skeptics have with so many other products and organizations due to a positive Kidman connection? Not likely but the thought of her anger over facts being published instead of lies gives us a chuckle!


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