June 30, 2010

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates 06/30/10

Nicole Kidman is gracing the cover of UK magazine SO Guilford. Although the article and accompanying pics are a cut and paste from old interviews, photo shoots, and screen shots, the piece is quite elegant. You can find full high-quality scans around the net if you are so inclined. The cover is below


With Selena Gomez revealing that filming of Monte Carlo is drawing to a close, there's rumblings that Nicole is in fact in Monte Carlo to shoot a small appearance.

TheRealCC Nicole Kidman shooting a scene for a film in the city of Monte Carlo. Traffic stopped. This is eating into my gambling time at the casino.


Keith Urban and Monkeyville have chosen the winner of their "I'm In" fan competition.


We received thousands of amazing entries for Keith's "I'm In" story contest and we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. Check them out!

Congrats to the grand prize winner who won an autographed Defying Gravity guitar. Here is her entry:

Click HERE for more great entries.


Click HERE to listen to Keith talk about his life and career now.


The 4th of July is almost here and Keith talks about what this country means to him and his family

Neil Haislop Updates

With Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day now upon us, and we recently asked Australian-born, Keith Urban, about his citizen status in America and he explained why he loves living here.

"I'm a U.S. resident and have been for a long, long time. And, Nick (Nicole Kidman), was born in Hawaii and Sunday is definitely a resident born right here in Nashville Tennessee, so we're here to stay."

Keith also says he was impressed when he recently visited Ellis Island in New York Harbor, "To see these buildings that have been there since the beginning, and to see the statue of Liberty in the background it just brought everything full circle for me...because I'm here because of the American Dream. For me that has never died and it's what brought me half way around the world, it's what still excites me when I drive down the freeway and see a sign that says "Memphis" or "Knoxville" ...these names that I grew up hearing in songs and reading about in books and on the backs of albums, so I'm still as fascinated and excited about this country as I ever was."


As the E! Online Skeptics stay silent and the Urban Myths gang rehash their old myths of the past 5 years we've got photos. If only the skeptics could decide what they really want. Twitter isn't trutworthy; Twitter proves they're right. You've gotta take what comes and the skeptics just can't accept the truth. How else does Inept Senior Skeptic Maclen spur on 66 posts out of an old photo?

Here's Keith and Nicole TOGETHER before the CMT awards this year. Thanks to FrontRowNews

And here's Nicole leaving Keith's bus, pulling one of her signature funny faces, just before the CMT awards in 2008. Thanks to a reader for sending this in!

Will the skeptics get it through their thick heads that when Keith says Nicole is ready first for these kinds of events he's not lying? Will they admit the "frozen face" nonsense is just that, nonsense? The skeptics that are silent members of a certain fan site that has an entire thread dedicated to Nicole's cute, interesting, and funny expressions can share more photos with the others. BAHAHAHAHA!

In the meantime....

If you haven't already check out Emily West's new video for "Blue Sky" featuring Keith Urban on backing vocals.


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Great stuff as usual. Stick a fork in the skeptics. They're done.

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YeHaw Anon 10:03 ... something like I was getting ready to post....but decided your post SAYS IT ALL. !!

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