June 12, 2010

It's Time To Debunk The Rumors And The E! Online Skeptics

As it turns out, the Nicole Kidman / Tom Cruise rumor we recently confirmed as false isn't the only silly story making its way around the net. A few of them are trying to be spread by the E! Online Skeptics. Let's take a look and debunk them all.

Keith and Nicole are trying to get John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston back together - Clearly this is a case of Nicole worked with Jen, Keith's working with John, let's make a story. What happened to the rumor that Nicole hit it off with Jen in Hawaii? Well that's false because they already were friends. We've seen the backstage Oscar photos of them chatting in the wings. There were also rumors Aniston was having heart to hearts with Nicole about splitting with Brad Pitt, because Nicole knows what a high-profile breakup is like. Now it's not that that but heart to hearts about John. Oh gossip people get your story straight. Keith and Nicole's plan for John and Jen? It's "top secret" of course! LOL

Nicole and Russell Crowe want to remake Bonnie and Clyde - This came out of nowhere, but more than likely cooked up because the two have still never worked together. Highly improbable considering the magnitude of respectfully remaking a classic that changed cinema and the American ratings system. Also very unlikely because a remake already in the works starring Hilary Duff, has apparently stalled. Although Nicole would probably be more to Faye Dunaway's liking (she expressed dismay at Duff's casting), we still don't see this happening.

Lainey's rewriting of history - Self-explanatory really. If she only would admit to herself the truth.

Keith and Nicole are recording an album together - Allegedly Nicole will record the country songs Keith loves and Keith will record standards Nicole loves. Why "standards" for Nicole? We say no way to this, it's just too ridiculous.

Nicole and sister Antonia Kidman are pregnant at the same time - They just haven't announced it yet. Whatever.

Keith is gay; Keith is bisexual - Sure. After years of the skeptics saying what a horrible guy he is towards women now he's not a straight player. Whatever gets you though the night skeptics, and Ted!

And finally we have the latest rumor the skeptics are trying to sell us...

Keith Urban didn't show up at the Meadowlands in NJ for the Eagles show.


It's clear nomorefan and erniesmom are really trying to pull a fast one. A stadium show with 3 acts, which also means 3 stage setups, isn't like your normal show. Your first act is going to be on much earlier than normal. And we hear that some if not all the Eagles shows have an act on BEFORE Keith. Keith probably hit the stage around 5:30, 6, 6:30. That means the Eagles wouldn't perform until 9, 9:30. The reviewer, Tris McCall, didn't bother to find out the key information either

"Didn't arrive early enough to see Keith Urban…there wasn't any way to know what time the show started. We arrived around 7:20, thinking it was a 7pm showtime. Again, the stadium lets us down by not announcing the show time. All anyone would tell us, was that the doors opened at 4:30. I heard after we arrived that Keith Urban went on at 6. I would have liked to have seen him, but I didn't want to sit around before the show waiting 2 and a half, or even one and a half hours; but may 15-20 minutes, like when you go to a Broadway show."


Poor planning and a poor excuse from McCall. Even poorer are the skeptics....

nomorefan: A review from Mr. Nicole Kidman's first show with The Eagles. Was he even there? I guess he is an unknown. Count how many times you read his name.

erniesmom: What happened to that tour......3 cities cancelled and No Show Urban.

What stupidity for the No Brain skeptics. But you know they would have loved to have followed No Show around town if they could find the vehicle.

One more before we go....here's something that's not a rumor that we predicted months ago...the promotion by skeptics of Dierks Bentley's new album!

nomorefan: Oh Dierks is at my radio station promoting his new album this afternoon. Playing one of the new songs with Miranda and Jamey Johnson. I like what I hear!

BAHAHAHAHA! It's. Just. Too. Easy.


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