June 9, 2010

Tara And Maclen: Urban Myths
Liars Caught Once Again

At rehearsals jamming with John Mayer, for the CMT Awards tonight.
~ Keith Urban

tara: It sounds like he may not even be playing live but they are going to show a clip from his Crossroads show with that pillar of virtue John Mayer.

maclen: and a few days ago I have noticed as I was perusing Getty Images...they had photos of the awards rehearsals. And then I noticed that orb was NOT included...and then earlier today I noticed an update of day 2 of rehearsals for the show...


TN: 2010 CMT Music Awards - Rehearsals - Day 2

...and again, missing...is napalm mayer's new partner, orb...and for that matter napalm himself is missing from the rehearsals for the show. So, I WONDER...what possible reason would there be for the dimwitted duo to pass on rehearsing for the show? I mean, it's not like any of the other announced performers of the show who were also not at the rehearsals have a such a huge and negative stench and pall hanging over their disgraced heads over vile comments they made! Surely, I KNOW precisely why they would not have the guts to show their faces for the expected photographers at the rehearsals! And it also gives me pause to even consider that tara may in fact be right in his/her comment a few threads ago that they may in fact NOT play live on the show...and perhaps they would simply show a clip of the crossroads taping.

How long ago was it announced Keith Urban and John Mayer would be doing Hit The Ground Running? And how did you nitwits miss the fact that that Keith talked about it on his livestream chat????

Oh you skeptics and haters never learn! But you certainly put the myths in Urban Myths!


Anonymous said...

Gee taralea, where's your Nashville source?


Anonymous said...

There are LOTS of pictures of Mayer and Urban at the rehearsals! Tara and Maclen just need to know where to look.

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