July 30, 2010

E! Online Skeptics:
Desperate To Win A Losing Battle

It's absolutely cringeworthy when you read something from a skeptic and you know they are lying through their teeth. Like this lie....

Mimosa:I don't feel guilty at all and I sure don't take this stuff seriously enough to bother with developing an agenda... We don't even have to work for it, since KUNKY serves up ridicule-worthy stuff to us on a silver platter.

or this lie...

Mimosa: And some posts are just for FUN....you know...since this is a gossip site, and it's supposed to be fun. The last I heard, it was OK for a poster to poke fun at a celebrity...or see things in a different way after certain events have shown them a different side. It's just a gossip site....it doesn't have to so rigid.

Because we know differently. When the shit hits the fan for the skeptics they get pissed. Especially Mimosa. Take a look at this recent outburst....

Mimosa: There is absolutely no excuse for a married woman with THREE KIDS to act like that. She's just trash. Sick, twisted trash.

Lainey is FOS. She should pick a side and stay on it.

Side? What side? Wasn't this entertainment? Just something for fun. That's what you've been telling us over and over. An innocent harmless pastime, making fun of a family and one half of the in-laws.

The skeptics are so transparent they don't know just HOW transparent they are.

So when E! skeptic "Tell me, does it get any better than this?" nomorefan pops up in the next few days with the BEST SKEPTIC NEWS EVER.... an old picture from the new cover of one of her "reliable sources"

and an ode to a fellow Nashville-star obsessive, and she insists the skeptics "are on to something" or were "right all along", we already know that every single thing they post or make up at E! or Urban Myths or anywhere else is all part of an agenda. And....more importantly...what they don't post, discuss, or mention is an even a bigger giveaway. Deflection and ignorance are the tactics they've been unsuccessfully using as of late. It's all a failure in part because the Positive thread makes them look like morons, but also because what they are posting proves they have no grip on reality.

Remember when they posted and discussed everything? But time was not on their side. Their secrets got out. Who they don't know, what they've done as obsessed fans, lies they've made up, friendships they've destroyed. Pretty much all of it has come to light. Only the crazies remain. Five years and....KUNK wasn't supposed to stay together. Nicole wasn't supposed to get pregnant. Nicole wasn't supposed to fit in in Nashville. Keith wasn't supposed to be a superstar anymore. Nicole was supposed to be on the Z list and a Hollywood pariah. What do you talk about if you've been lying and wrong for 5 years?????

They know they are in trouble. If it wasn't for nomorefan on ridiculous tangents, mental case Jakra777, and Mimosa just being a nasty witch, the Awful Truth takeover by KUNK skeptics would have bought the farm already. They are down to one lifeless thread. Even at Urban Myths, post-maclen unmasking, it's been awfully quiet. She said she wouldn't be silenced but maclen's posts are few and far between.

It's all for a reason readers; they've been lying and scheming from Day One. They made it an obsession and decided themselves it was a battle against anybody with a differing opinion or God forbid, the truth. They went after everyone that didn't go along with the game plan.

Skeptics, where you are now is your own damn fault.


Anonymous said...

True dat! They became irrelivant when they stopped being logical. Everything was a setup, everything was for publicity, a contract, a fake marriage, a fake child. Nic was ugly, wrong or stupid is everything she wore, did, or said. The more they talked, the more it became clear they were nothing more than a small group of bitter old women, not anybody in the know. Skeptic suicide.

Anonymous said...

You gotta know when to fold em, skeptics.

BeenThereHeardThat said...

You called it SM. She posted it right on schedule.

What an ass.

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