August 6, 2010

E! Online's Nomorefan:
Latest Keith Urban Crime
Against Humanity Is Oatmeal Elitism

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nomorefan: He's become as high maintenance as his wife - highest quality, free range meat and organic vegetables, high quality sushi with steel cut oatmeal

nomorefan: To the average consumer, who really cares if oatmeal is cut with steel or not? Who puts this in the average Joe's head?

If you too want to participate in Oatmeal Elitism you don't have to look far....

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That's right readers, steel cut oats are sold in Wal-Marts or under a generic brand at a store near you. nomorefan's purposefully outlandish and ignorant argument that Average Joe doesn't buy steel cut oats is a prime example of the stupidity she's been spewing for the past 5 years. Only habitual hater Mimosa went along with nomorefan, calling healthy eating a "pretension".

It's. Just. That. Easy.



yawn said...

Wow imagine that - NMF can't understand healthy eating. Garbage brain and heart - guess it is all quite fitting; garbage in - garbage out. Healthy eating and exercising - things Keith and Nicole do - oh the elitism!

Hey NMF - tip for you, eat right and exercise. You might just develop a healthy attitude, life and mind!!

Anonymous said...

Are these the same women who are in the Skeptic Fashion Week blog? Cause those pics could have been taken at a Big Fat Fattie convention so I understand how no fried food would send them into a ditzy. Backfire much?

The more they write, the more obvious they're just full of rage, hate and spite. Maybe it's the realization that Keith would have never been attracted to a Miss Jumbo.

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