August 24, 2010

Nicole Kidman Lies About Alpacas,
Leipers Fork Garden, And Baptism?
More Skeptic Myths Debunked

The alpacas have come home to roost readers! Reality keeps biting the E! Online and Urban Myths skeptics in the ass over and over again! You can trust Skewering The Skeptics will be here to document it all. So let's get started.

The skeptics have decided that everything Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban say about their personal life is a lie. Even if there's photographs, like the Urban and Kidman clans at an alpaca farm, it's all staged for publicity. They especially like to say Nicole is lying about the garden they have on their property in Tennessee.

Any of these old quotes look familiar?

nomorefan: Her fables of gardening in Nashville, the alpacas she purchased for someone else to take care of at the ranch she has been to once, and yearning to milk a goat.

Mimosa: Yeah...can't you just see Granny Baby BBQ Girl cultivating a roof top garden in her overalls and straw hat..and her scarves.....being all organic and everything.
She might even put a few goats on the elevator so she can make that cheese.

Mimosa: The idea of HagMaw having a vegetable garden in TN while she's filming in NY is really hilarious.

hoosierlady: I think this is PR for victim NK, other sites are recycling the alpaca story and the garden story, it is pretty late in the year to be planting a garden

maclen: Well, I voted for kidman winning first prize at the county fair for her zucchini lips...simply because it was the most hilarious choice.

Hilarious you say? Well we have one more person telling it like it really is. If you recall Laurel Edwards, an Australian DJ, is living temporarily in Nashville while her husband, and long-time friend of Keith's, Troy Cassar-Daley works on his music. She's been giving her listeners back home updates on what it's like living in America. Well this latest clip is one more nail in the skeptics' coffin!

Click HERE to listen to what she has to say about getting to know Nicole. Scroll down to the August 24th entry.

Now remember the "fake" trip to Italy the Urbans took?

Oh " so" Leery: We get pics of her crossing the street until we're ready to barf and no pics of four days in Italy??? Boy, now is that not a quandary??

Oh yes Father well it's true she wasn't born in Nash she was born in where ever. Oh no Father we are not really the parents we're the pretend parents. But does that really mean anything. Can't we just lie to everyone. I'm sure the Church wouldn't mind!! We're so wonderful!! You can just fill out the Baptismal Certificate as follows: Thank you so much!! ((giggles)))

innervoice: And I think it's reprehensible that she mentions the baptism of her daughter in Italy to garner attention for NINE. BTW, I don't believe that tale for a second.

Mimosa: It's also reprehensible that Itty Bitty allows her to do it. They both make me sick.

A440: And I remain suspicious of those reports of Sunday's Italian baptism - the one that occurred sans family while KUNK were on vacation.

nomorefan: nomorefan: More lies from Nine Lips. Remember the quick, little get-away - remember the one where Suro got baptized, and he literally got off the airport and onto the stage for his show because his plane arrived late?

Despite the fact there were tweets and at least one fan photo from Sienna, the skeptics kept denying everything. That trip is already over a year ago, but like we say here at STS...the truth always comes out.

Huge thanks to the writer of the article below. She uploaded her piece that ran recently in the Giornale di Reggio about some of Northern Italy's finest food and food service.

Click on thumbnails for full-size image

Notice anything about Page 2? Yes that's Nicole Kidman in two of the photos. Unfortunately the text, even enlarged, is very difficult to read. However that did not deter us at STS. Scanning the article we found the confirmation that the Urbans did in fact have a baptism (batessimo).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But there's more! The text in the photos above may be excruciatingly small. But a little detective work online gave us the website for chef Paola and sommelier Villiam, and their restaurant Ristorante alla Pieve. Yes, they are the same staff featured in the Reggio article.

Included is a page summarizing what they did for Nicole, her family, and her friends for the time they were there. Below is a photo of the program for the baptism that the skeptics say never happened.

News & Guests

Image and video hosting by <br />TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From a January 2010 interview in UK Magazine SHE

Before the country crooner kicked off his tour last year, the trio — along with a few close friends — rented a villa in Italy for two weeks for a bit of rest and relaxation! “We ate, played music, swam, drove to nearby cities,” she recalls.

Oh and before nomorefan starts ranting and raving, the dates already confirm that Keith joined Nicole and their daughter in Italy, and then they left together with Keith bound for his Boston show.

All this debunking makes yours truly nostalgic. Want to take a peek at another blog where we ripped the skeptics to shreds?

From November 2009

Nomorefan Has No Clothes!

The more time passes readers, the more this blog can Skewer The Skeptics!


Anonymous said...

Nothing changes. Anything Nic does or says is wrong, Taralea will explain what it all really means because she's in Iowa and she knows, Middlesea will pretend she's not interested even though she's still on Urban Myths everyday, somebody will bump up the Charts thread and pretend they're interested when really they bump it up because it has more views than their dying negative thread, Sue will have meltdowns when nobody believes her and threaten to sue, Mimosa will forget to take her meds and Oh so Leery will keep drinking and think she's fooling everybody by posting as two different people. (remember nomorefan and her best buddy NKskids4sale?) They can't even do predictable well.

Anonymous said...

Your bein retweeted by this guy.

Good. More people who see the liars the better.

Verity said...

SM Thank you so much! I will post the links on the positive thread.

SkewerMistress said...

Have fun with that Verity!

Anon, chris190 is into alpaca farming. The keywords are working!

Anonymous said...

Many people are completely unaware of the garbage the eonline skeptics spew. I don't think much good comes of exposing these things to them at all. A tweet like that on an alpaca board is kind of sad when it reads "Nicole Kidman lies". Really, how many alpaca folks do we need to educate about the vileness of the skeptic crew?

SkewerMistress said...

It's up to the person to continue reading to find out the whole story.

We all have our own opinions. Thanks for stopping by and sharing yours.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me share my opinion. It is my view that this site has the potential to become the best information site about the professional and personal lives of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Your sources and ability to post interesting and enjoyable topics about this lovely and talented couple are remarkable. Unfortunately your focus on skewering a small group of ill internet trolls prevents that from happening. The positive is overwhelmed with the pointed negative focus toward some very unbalanced people. I understand what you are trying to do, but this could be so much more if the emphasis was different.

SkewerMistress said...

There are plenty of message boards and sites that focus on what you are looking for. The skeptics won't mention it but there are boards that are for Keith and Nicole fans together. If this isn't the place for you, it isn't the place for you.

Sweet Thing said...

Well MY opinion is the more people who know about these sickos, the better. Keep up the good work, SM.

Doesn't Sue live in MN? I'm surprised she didn't have the scoop on Keith being there since yesterday. Miss I-know-something-you-dont-know once again proves she don't know much.


SkewerMistress said...

Sweet Thing, yes you are right about nomorefan. Thanks for your support. I have gotten the most heartfelt emails from people thanking me for the site the way it is. To be frank I have gotten more anonymous hateful comments (never emails) from the skeptics than I have complaints that this site highlights what the skeptics do. To me that says something. We can't be all things to all people. But I will say that after the I signed up for the website tracker and found out how many people around the world were regular readers it was eye-opening. In fact today someone I believe who is a skeptic who says they don't read us was viewing STS through their employer's network. They are lying through their teeth.

Anonymous said...

Well, the skeptics can't resist reading this blog. They need something to write and tell a lie so, they get their scoop here and turn it upside down and then pretend to get the story from their reliable informant/source. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...

Sue logged off E after 21/2 hrs when the pics of the concert in MN went up. She probably ran off to stalk his hotel.

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