April 21, 2010

ABC And Inept Team Maclen (Urban Myths) Resort To A Total Fabrication Of The Truth

It's a long title readers but it is in fact what's happening. E! online members are making up stories about what happened on ACM night and now Urban Myths posters are doing the same. It's one thing to approve the posts and then correct the misinformation. But Mary is too busy and too full of hate apparently to bother.

Get a load of the garbage put out today

abc: I also watched the vid of him singing “I’m in” … and we see vid of her sitting amongst the groupies, none of them giving her so much as a glance, and we notice that when she notices the camera, she quickly mouthes the words of the song … she is sitting in a different place to where she is moments later when he joins her to await the announcement of EOTY … which, incidentally, he would have accepted in his casual clothes that he had changed into for the song he performed just prior to the EOTY announcement. Which, (not being in the matching bl/wh suit), may be why she completely ignores him throughout the announcement.
Despite him just having made overt gestures toward her during his singing of “I’m in”, closing it with the usual “babygirl” …

Something doesn’t add up for me. “All that glitters is not gold” as the saying goes.

No abc you're right, it doesn't add up because you made up that entire scenario.

Kidman never changed seats that night. They were seated next to Taylor Swift and her mother the entire show as you'll see in the screen shots. The fan pit was positioned directly in front of the main stage as they were for all the other big performers. Why the need to completely rewrite history? The camera took a quick zoom in and we see Kidman is singing and clapping along.

There would have been no time for her to notice the camera and then sing. The second shot she is still in the same seat next to the Swifts and Sugarland to their right. She stopped singing but picked up the song right in time JUST AS TAYLOR SWIFT DID! Please check the video we posted in the previous ACM blog. It's all right there!

In typical hater style you don't know a fan from a star, a movie quote from real life. You're also completely wrong about the acceptance. If Keith went on as scheduled he would have been back in his suit and tie. Why? Because he was supposed to go on after Toby Keith coming back in from a commercial break in the first hour. Outfits aside and irrelevant, when have we ever seen a spouse console a losing nominee? They clap for the winner, which Nicole did. Did we see Taylor's mother comfort Taylor? Does it look like poor Keith is about to cry? Your analysis is beyond idiotic!

Now maclen unfortunately for you, you are wrong again about Nicole Kidman's career.

maclen: as the sure reason that the floundering Rabbit Hole and with the demise of The Danish Girl.., it was clearly a Fox and New Regency condition that kidman NOT have a role in the film!

Danish Girl is not dead as confirmed by the director who has recently said filming has been moved to fall 2010, and with a new location those changes precipitated Paltrow's exit. The necessary screen tests done for any makeup and prosthetics have been successful. Rabbit Hole is being re-scored. Pull your head in from out of your ass! You don't even try to get anything right!

So with all that said we'd like to remind the skeptics and haters of something if they havent figured it out already. Your lies and half-truths, and outrageous hateful, negative opinions are simply comments to a poorly run, shallow, and pointless blog. Urban Myths Mary needs your endless blather to keep the hate going because there's no facts to support the nonsense she wants the world to believe. There isn't even halfway decent information worth looking at over there. But Skewering The Skeptics puts your ridiculous comments on display and they aren't hidden behind a comment box. So guess what? All of your lies are getting coverage through this blog with the truth right next to it. Your delusional message is getting out there all right, with the truth and reality showing you the door every time.

Remember, the more you lie the more this blog shows what idiots all of you are.

It's. Just. That. Easy.


yawn said...

I tell ya, SM, I thank the world for you. I am so sick and tired of their endless lies!! My only solace when I see them over and over and OVER again is I know you will debunk them. I know the skeptics are insane, I know they are liars, I know they all need to be locked up in a local sanitarium, but until they are - you help get the factual information out there and make them OWN their fucking idiot comments.

Keith fell in love, got married, had a child, his career is going gangbusters and these mental cases just will NOT accept that TRUTH. They are fucking nuts and need to GO AWAY!

Thank you for your column. Thank you for giving us a place to vent. You RULE.

Verity said...

Where in the world did doofus abc and doofus maclen come from and how do they function in the real world?

Anonymous said...

SM, ya know if they tell lies on a ANON internet blogg, what must they do in their real lives?

Lies must roll off their tongue to loved ones, family, friends and people they work with?

Pitiful people!

SkewerMistress said...

We're all on the same wavelength when we read their lies. You can't invent what they've put out there for 5 years. It's too crazy. Any sane person has to wonder what that kind of crazy is like away from the computer. It's truly mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

For a bunch of people who can't stand Keith and Nicole, they sure spend a lot of time picking over their every move. I wonder how many times ABC had to rewind? I tell ya, I watched to show and didn't see any of that and I'm a fan! They pick out moments captured in seconds and base their believes on whatever it is they want to see in that moment. Like in the picture with Miranda above, I can hear them say Miranda is snubbing Nicole and Keith is lusting after Miranda's bare back. You have to be a dunce to miss the big picture.

Anonymous said...

I found a picture for you to use, SM. I think it's self explainatory.


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